Recapping my NBI webinar on Pre-Existing Injuries

As advertised, my NBI webinar on Pre-Existing Injuries was presented on the 29th of March. It was fun, and it moved fast.
NBI has asked me if I would participate in future programs. You know my answer.
I’ll see you then and in the mean time, check out what they had to say:
“Great presentation”
“Best webinar I’ve attended yet.”
“My practice is in New Jersey so I appreciated that fact that one of the presenters was familiar with New Jersey Law and as I have practiced over 35 years the second presenter coming from New Jersey seemed to appear as if he also practiced in New Jersey”
“Excellent choices. I learned a lot from listening to very experienced plaintiffs’ lawyers, especially as an insurance defense guy.”
“knowledgeable speakers”
“enthusiastic and knowledgeable”
“Have listened to Mr. Zaccagnino before on one of your programs. He does a great job; would like to have other personal injury attorneys act as speakers to give other prospectives.”
“Very Impressed and it was refreshing to hear that there are some attorneys who believe in being nice.”
“I am one and I am amazed where it has gotten me.”
“Faculty was excellent.”

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